Plants for a Better Life......Naturally!

Plants for a Better Life......Naturally!

Our team exhibited at Bloom in the Phoenix Park last weekend for the 13th time! We were delighted to receive a gold medal from the judges for our plant display in the Nursery Display category! It's our fourth gold medal at Bloom!

Our theme was 'Plants for a better life....Naturally'. Did you know that plants have so many healthy benefits including promoting sleep, purifying and oxygenating the air, reducing stress and improving concentration as well as being natural humidifiers?  

Bloom 2019 Exhibition

Having indoor plants in your home or office will add so many benefits to your living or working space. How, you might ask? Well most of the secret is in the leaves through the process of photosynthesis. As plants grow, they take in air through the stoma, located on the underside of their leaves. The air is then filtered and the carbon in CO2 is used to build cells and other harmful substances are warehoused in the roots and soil. The by-product of the process is oxygen which is released into your indoor space. Fresh air!

In an average family home, continued respiration will increase the CO2 levels to above 1000ppm. Levels in the great outdoors are usually only 400ppm. Indoor plants in your home use the extra carbondioxide and converts it to oxygen and releases it into your home. 

 At Plant Store we have a variety of fantastic indoor plants from all around the world to improve your indoor home or office space. Check out our store to see the range. Fill your space with plants for a naturally better life!

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