The Ultimate Guide for Gifting Plants this Christmas

The Ultimate Guide for Gifting Plants this Christmas


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You know that one person in your life for whom you always struggle to buy a gift for every single Christmas season? That person who seemingly already has everything?!

Ahhh! The stress, right?!

This year, instead of spending hours sifting through gift guides, scouring the internet or worse, panic-buying at the very last minute, give your loved ones a gift that will keep on giving and growing: a plant!

Plants are popular holiday gifts that can be enjoyed long after the festive feasts are eaten, glittery decorations are packed away and joyous carols are silent. 

In fact, many holiday plants can flourish for years, reminding that someone special of your caring and thoughtfulness no matter what the season.

 Call us bias, but at, we are HUGE believers in giving plants as gifts. Not only are they beautiful to look at they also;

  • Bring us joy- as humans, we are intrinsically drawn to nature and it’s no wonder that studies have proven time and again how much happier we are when surrounded by living things. 
  • Are an eco-friendly gift alternative to plastic and any disposable items. Plants are not just for Christmas, they live on, providing a boost of happiness to the recipient day after day. 
  • Improve our air quality by removing harmful airborne toxins and pollutants. The result? Better mood, sleep and overall wellbeing!


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Tips for choosing the perfect plant gift 

Living plants make such a great gift because they are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes to fit the gardening skill level and preferences of everyone. Buying a gift plant for that special someone in Ireland couldn’t be easier considering these three main factors

  • During the winter months in Ireland, there is no such thing as full sunlight. This means that plants that traditionally need to be kept out of direct sunlight can actually be placed near a Southeast-facing window even in the winter months. 
  • Artificial light from lamps etc. provides a full spectrum of light which is perfect for keeping desk plants or those placed in window-less rooms happy and thriving.

With many of us set to work from home into the new year, it has never been a better time for us to look after plants. We are available to give them our full care and attention. They truly become a full member of the family!


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Our pick of the best plants to gift

When buying a plant as a gift this Christmas, remember that your choices are not limited to festive-themed plants. If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic poinsettia, there are so many options available. Here’s a round-up of some of our most popular plant gifts:

Bonsai Tree - The "Bonsai Tree" is a beautiful exotic plant that despite its small size, is a piece of art that requires diligence, knowledge, dedication, and sincere love to keep it in good healthy condition. Bonsai's need more care than the average house plant so would make an excellent gift to those green-fingered friends. Shop here 

Bird of paradise- this strikingly beautiful and enigmatic plant with bright orange and blue flowers protruding from a green spathe in a form that resembles a bird in flight, hence its nickname. Shop here 

Peace Lily- Peace lilies are known as one of the most resilient indoor plants—even once their leaves “lie down” and appear dead, a healthy watering can have your plant perked up again within minutes. They are easy to grow, and their peaceful name makes them an appropriate choice for the holiday. Shop here

Tillandsia/ Air plant - Air Plants are the most interesting way to give something unique and cute for your plant-loving friends. Looking after these kinds of plants is reasonably simple. Frequent watering, beneficial air circulation and brilliant filtered light are very important aspects for their well-being. When it comes to home décor trends, air plants are at the top of the list. They fit well in small spaces and they look good in just about anything. Shop here

Aloe Vera- Say 'Aloe!' to one of the most versatile and practical of house plant gifts. Aloe Vera are super easy to grow and looks stunning on any bright windowsill or desk. For thousands of years, the Aloe Vera plant has been treasured for its healing powers and ability to soothe and rejuvenate. It's your own natural first-aid kit! Shop here

Succulents & Cacti - undeniably some of the most popular plants we sell on our store, cacti and succulents make excellent low-maintenance gifts that are suitable for pretty much everybody. We stock a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from. Shop here 

Desk plants- With WFH set to carry on into the new year why not brighten their workspace with a little green desk buddy? Shop here 

Create your own Terrarium Kits- Our DIY Terrarium Kits provide you with everything you need to create a personalized Terrarium for your home or office and are a unique and low maintenance gift idea for the craft and nature lovers in your life. Shop here

DIY Festive Wreath Kit - these kits also make an excellent pre-Christmas gift to individuals or teams who love crafting or could use a little Christmas cheer. And could provide an excellent team-building activity for remote teams during the festive season. Each kit contains everything you need to create your very own festive masterpiece from the comfort and coziness of your own home. Shop here

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Ready to place your order?

We provide shipping across Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. Our last order date for delivery in time for Christmas is 10th December however please be mindful that there may be courier delays during this busy period so we recommend ordering in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Want us to ship the plant directly to the recipient? Add a personal touch with a gift message at checkout! 

Lastly, if you have any questions about your Christmas gift orders, you can reach us at any time at:

  • Phone: 086-1727009 or 01-5983673
  • Email:


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