Wreath Making - A Guide

Wreath Making - A Guide

Wreaths & Association with Achievement   

In ancient Greece and Rome wreaths were worn as adornment that would represent a person’s occupation, rank and status. Olive wreath was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games while laurel wreaths became associated with victory and achievement. 


Advent and Christmas wreaths

Advent and Christmas wreaths are a popular symbol to celebrate the birth of Christ. Evergreen items carry the religious symbolism of everlasting life, a theological concept within that Christian faith. Wreaths were used to educate congregants about the meaning and coming of Christmas.


Christmas Wreath Materials

Wreath is an assortment of Foliage, Fruits, Twigs & Flowers of strong evergreen material that lasts throughout the winter,  constructed to resemble a ring.

Base Material is made of straw, moss and willow.

Decorative Material includes noble fir,Juniper, holly, holly berries, pine cones & little bling.


Steps to making your own Christmas Wreath

1. Making the Base      

Base can be made from :

  1. Willow branches
  2. Straw


Wrapped around each other to make a ring

Add some moss

  1. Wrap the moss around the ring base – top side only  
  2. Leave the bottom side of the ring flat, without moss so it can be placed on a door or table

2. Adding the Foliage       

  1. Grab a twig of Noble Fir
  2. Add some Juniper
  3. Add some Holly
  4. Place on the wreath base
  5. Wrap with the wire around the bottom of the bunch 
  6. Start the foliage process again – covering the bottom part of the last bunch of foliage

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