3 Powerful Benefits of our Online Team-Building Workshops

3 Powerful Benefits of our Online Team-Building Workshops

If you are looking to get creative with your virtual team-building activities, our Plant Workshops are a fantastic way to breathe life into your team’s social calendar! 

Over the past few years, we’ve been providing Team-Building Workshops to businesses around Ireland.  With the recent shift to remote working, we’ve found that many of these businesses are looking for ways to keep their teams connected and motivated from afar. 

And so, we decided to offer our workshops digitally, giving a chance for teams to unwind, learn a new skill and connect with their colleagues, right from the comfort of their homes. 


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All The Good Vibes 

Throughout the past 12 months of delivering our online workshops, we’ve found that the teams we work with have experienced 3 powerful core benefits: 


Team Building 

A Gallup Workplace study found that close work friendships can help boost employee satisfaction by 50%!  Now, we can’t promise life-long bonds, but our workshops can provide an opportunity for employees to spend time together and connect in a stress-free, fun environment. 


Boost Team Morale 

Hosting regular team-building activities can have a powerful impact on team morale and amplifies employee engagement. In fact, according to an article by the Harvard Business Review, employers that promote positive working cultures report increases in loyalty and relationships amongst their team members.


Learn New Skills 

Whether your team are budding horticulturists, green-thumbed gardeners or complete beginners, there’s something for everyone at our workshops! Each participant receives a kit relating to the workshop topic that allows them a chance to get stuck in, learn information, practice skills and come away with their plant creation. 


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Support for Event Organisers 

We understand how much blooming work goes into running an online event for your team, which is why we do all of the dirty work for you… literally!

Here are some ways that we can help take the stress and time away from the planning & hosting process:

  1. Each workshop comes with a DIY Plant Kit for each participant to get stuck in and create. We will arrange the delivery of the kits to your team’s door. 
  2. We will take care of all of the pesky tech stuff. We use Zoom to deliver our workshops and will host the workshop from start to finish.
  3. We understand that every company and team is different. Before the workshop, we will work with you to design a personalised workshop experience that caters for your needs. 

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A Little Plant-spiration 

Our workshops are designed to be informal and interactive. We encourage everybody to get stuck in, share their progress and ask questions. 

Participants can follow along as we guide them through each step. We also include a step-by-step guide as an additional reference. The workshops generally run for approximately 1 hour.  A little lost on where to begin? Here is just a selection of some of the virtual team-building workshops we offer: 

  • Create Your Own Terrarium 

  • In this 1-hour workshop, we cover the history of Terrariums, how to create & design your own and some top care tips to keep your Terrarium happy & healthy. Each participant receives a kit with everything they need to create their very own terrarium, including a selection of succulents, potting material and decorative materials. 

  • Herbs, Soil, Action! Growing a Herb Garden at Home 

  • In this 1-hour workshop, we cover the benefits of growing herbs at home, a guide for potting your herbs at home, creative uses for these herbs and our top care tips for keeping your herbs alive and thriving. Each participant receives a kit with everything they need to start their very own herb garden at home, including a selection of common herbs, containers and potting materials. 

  • Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden at Home 

  • In this 1-hour workshop, we cover the lifecycle and benefits of bees, how to identify various species, how to grow your own bee-friendly garden at home and care tips to make it thrive. Each participant receives a kit with everything they need to create their very own haven for bees from their home, including a selection of flowering plants, wildflower seeds, plant containers and potting material. 

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    Ready to Breathe Life Into Your Online Team Events?

    You can learn more about our workshops here. And to book, you can reach us at:

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