Plant Spotlight: Snake Plant

Plant Spotlight: Snake Plant

The Snake plant “Sansevieria trifasciata” or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” is a striking house plant. It boasts broad strap-like, upright leaves that are green and stamped with wavy cross stripes in a lighter shading. This striping gives it the commonly known nickname "snake plant".

The snake plant could be described as the perfect house plant and is one of our top recommendations for beginners as it is virtually indestructible. It always looks fresh but is super low maintenance. It needs hardly any care and can survive a long period of neglect. It isn’t fussy about its location and requires little watering. 

Beyond aesthetics, the snake plant is also a powerful air purifier. Research conducted by NASA has shown that snake plants can remove common toxins, such as formaldehyde and benzene, from the air inside your home.

 Small snake plant in white plant container standing on windowsill

Common Problems with Snake Plants 

Yellow leaves: This could be a sign of overwatering, especially in winter. Snake plants do not like to sit in water and enjoy well-draining soil. To check for overwatering, check the base of the leaves and root for signs of rot. To avoid this recurring, allow the compost to dry out before watering again, and always let the water drain away.

Wrinkled leaves: Crinkled leaves could mean that your Snake plant might be super thirsty, and you may have underwatered your plant. To help recover your Snake Plant from dehydration, we recommend lightly watering it over a few days, and it should perk up.

Pests: Just like fellow indoor plants, snake plants can be vulnerable to pests such as mealybugs, which look like white, fluffy blobs typically found on the undersides of leaves. To remove, wipe the affected areas with a damp cloth or a cotton bud soaked in insecticide. 


Woman sitting at a desk repotting a small indoor snake plant


How to care for your Snake Plant 

The Snake plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue is one of the hardiest houseplants. They can thrive in the typical dry air, low lighting conditions characteristic of many workspaces. They also require little special attention. They can last up to a month without water and are among the few plants that can tolerate low light or full sun conditions. That being said, to keep your Snake plant happy and healthy, we recommend the following essential care tips: 

Smiling sun animation Light-  Position in a bright spot but avoid too much direct sunlight. They will grow faster in strong light, but the hot afternoon sun will scorch the leaves. Rotate the pot every other week for even light exposure.


small blue water droplets animation Water- The Golden Care Rule for Snake Plants is to avoid overwatering. Because mother-in-law's tongue has succulent leaves, it falls into the category of plants that can be left alone without too much water. Err on the side of underwatering or watering only when the soil is dry to the touch. Constantly watering this plant will rot the roots and eventually kill them. Snake plants do not like to sit in water, allowing the soil to dry out significantly between watering, especially in the winter months. 


Small red thermostat animation Temperature-. This plant is hardy, so even though it prefers warm to hot temperatures, it can tolerate anything between 50° to 100°F ( 10° to 38°C). You may see some wilting or yellowing in colder environments. 


Plant food animation Feed-  You can skip the fertiliser, but if you want the plant to grow a bit faster, your snake plant will appreciate a liquid feed once a month from April to September. 


Small hand holding a sponge Cleaning-  Wipe the leaves occasionally to prevent dust from building up. Be careful not to damage the leaf tips – this will stop the plant from growing. 


Large indoor snake plant in a wicker basket with leather straps

Where to place your Snake Plant at home?

Mother-in-law's tongue doesn't mind dry air, but it prefers humidity. 

This makes it a great plant for your bathroom, but you can place it anywhere. It's so versatile! Stuck on ideas on how to showcase your Snake Plant? Here is a mood board we’ve put together for your inspiration: 

Mood board with snake plant inspiration

Wherever you decide to place your Snake Plant, remember to give your snake plant a bright spot, out of direct sunshine. It will cope in a dark corner but may lose some of the attractive variegation on the leaves.


Selection of small indoor snake plants

Where to buy a Snake Plant Online?

Looking to add a Snake Plant to your growing indoor plant family? You can choose from the following sizes/varieties:

  • Small Snake Plant (35cm) available to shop here 
  • Small Snake Plant with ceramic pot available to shop here
  • Medium Snake Plant (55cm) available to shop here
  • Large Snake Plant (70cm)  available to shop here 


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