Plant Spotlight: Succulents

Plant Spotlight: Succulents

You’ve spotted them all over Instagram, popping up on magazine spreads and even substituting flowers as the latest wedding bouquet trend. 

Chances are, you likely have one in your home right now.

It’s clear; succulents are the plant of the moment. And it doesn’t look like that’s about to change anytime soon!

Originating from the dry, hot regions of the world, succulents are one of the most popular indoor plants found in homes and businesses across Ireland. 

And it’s easy to see why. 

They are known for their low maintenance and long lifespans, making them great for people who work all day, are on the go or just aren’t great at taking care of plants. Not only that, but they are also classified as a feng-shui plant thought to bring luck, prosperity and a perfect balance to your environment.

What’s not to love?! 👀

Thinking of adding succulents to your growing indoor plant family? Here’s everything you need to know! 👇


Varieties of succulents

Common Succulent Varieties 

Did you know that there are over 10,000 succulent varieties?!⁠


One of the most exciting things about growing succulents is the fantastic range of forms and colours available. Some of the most common varieties include Aeoniums, Aloes, Agaves, Cacti, Crassulas, Echeverias, Euphorbias and Senecio. Common indoor plants that you might not know are succulents include; the Jade Plant (crassula ovata), Aloe Vera, Zebra Plant (Haworthia) and the Snake Plant. 

Choosing the right succulent for your home or workspace comes down to personal preference. We love combining a mix of different succulents and containers to add texture and colour to any space.

Collection of small succulents in plant pots

Common Questions About Succulents

We feel like everyone (and their aunt) is OBSESSED with succulents, so it’s no wonder we get many questions about these beautiful people-pleaser plants. Succulents have a mystique about them, and it's hard to separate the truth from the fiction. When it comes to plant care, we believe knowledge is power, which is why we have rounded up the most common succulent-related questions (and our answers) to share with you below: 

💭Succulents are super hardy and don’t need much water, right??

We hear succulents and our mind instantly goes to drought-prone deserts. Succulents need a surprising amount of water to survive.  They prefer the soak and dry method of water which mimics their native habitat- more on that in our care tips section below. Ultimately, remember; low water, not no water. 

💭But wait, I thought succulents were impossible to kill?

We hear this a lot. It’s a common misconception because, unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about there. Succulents are relatively easy to care for once you know-how. However, just like all plants, they are not indestructible. They require a certain level of TLC and attention to thrive. We share our top care tips in the next section. 

💭Is it possible to save my succulent once it has become mushy? 

Salvaging a plant that has already begun to break down can be tricky; however, there could still be hope if there are still rot-free sections. Using a sharp, sterile instrument, prune away all diseased plant material. Keep your succulent on the dry side for a few weeks to allow the healthy tissue to repair. 

Hands holding a small succulent in a plant pot

How to Care for Succulents 

The often-spouted proclamation that succulents are easy to grow is, in fact, far from the truth. But, don’t worry, succulent care doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to get into the desert mindset. Think; lots of sunlight, monsoon-like downpours, ever-changing temperatures, you get the idea!

With this in mind, here are a few of our top tips to keep your succulents thriving and surviving indoors:


🌞 Light: Succulents love light and need about 3-6 hours of sun per day, depending on the type of succulent. Newly planted succulents can scorch in direct sunlight, so you may need to introduce them to total sun exposure or provide shade gradually. Browning is a common sign when your succulents are getting too much sunlight. Succulents will lean towards the sun, so rotating them regularly will help them stand up straight. 


💧 Water: As we mentioned earlier, succulents need a surprising amount of water to thrive. However, they don't like to be watered as frequently as most indoor plants. They prefer the soak and dry method, which means that they like to have their roots soaked with water but then dry out quickly. The amount of water a succulent need correlates to the season. During the spring and summer, succulents thrive and drink much more water than when they're resting in the fall and winter. Remember that overwatering can kill your succulents, so make sure you let the soil dry between waterings. When you water your succulents, soak the soil (rather than the leaves) until water runs out of the drainage holes.


🌡️Temperature: When we think of succulents, we might think they need high temperatures that mimic their native desert habitat. In reality, succulents can thrive in average indoor temperatures. During the autumn and winter months, succulents should be kept cool at night with temperatures of around 8°C to 10°C.  In the spring and summer, the plants need good ventilation but will survive in high temperatures.


🍴 Food: Succulents don’t need much fertiliser, but you can give them light feedings during the spring and summer growing season (April-Sept).


🧽 Cleaning: Due to their shape, succulents are prone to gather dust on their surface. Left unmanaged, this can inhibit their growth. Wipe off the leaves and spines gently with a damp cloth. We recommend a paintbrush or make-up brush for hard to reach areas. 

Selection of small succulents on a windowsill

Where to Place Succulents at Home

The beauty of succulents is their ability to shine and look great in pretty much every space. Because of their compact size, we’ve seen our customers showcasing them on windowsills, desks, kitchen countertops, bathroom cabinets- you name it!

This is precisely why we love succulents - you can get super creative with styling them for your home or office. They look fantastic as a creative centrepiece on a kitchen or dining room table or assembled with cacti and other small plants as part of a feature Terrarium. They also make excellent evergreen gifts for that special someone. 

Wherever you decide to house your succulent friend, remember that it needs access to ample light, drainage and a little watering now and then.

Woman holding a small succulent in a terracotta plant container

Where to Buy Succulents Online?

Looking to add Succulents to your growing indoor plant family? Great news! You can shop a selection of succulents on our online store right now! 🙌

Choose from the following varieties:

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